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HTML Document Object - create Dynamic HTML content in perl.

PCX Portal - web application framework.

XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) - web based Accounting app written in the PCX Portal.  Uses DBIWrapper and the HTMLObject.

PCX Firewall - IPTables Firewalling solution.

SandSurfer - Web based Time Keeping software.


Created by Xperience, Inc. for use in some internal web projects, we have Open Sourced The DBIWrapper to provide a usefull tool to the community.  This allows us to release our projects and not have any dependancy issues.


The DBIWrapper is a Perl Module which provides easier access to databases using DBI.  It currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and ODBC DBD drivers.  High level methods for reading, writing, commiting and rolling back transactions are provided.  The DBI data structures can still be used to return the data in.

XML Support is now available as of DBIWrapper 0.16.  Using readXML() you can have the result of your SELECT statement be returned as an XML document (format defined here) which will describe the SELECT statement issued and the rows of data returned from the backend.

DBIWrapper::XMLParser included in DBIWrapper 0.17!  This module parses the XML generated by readXML() and returns a perl data structure in the DBIWrapper::ResultSet module.  This makes for extremely easy manipulation of your database data.  DBIWrapper::XMLParser relies on XML::LibXML.  See README for details.

HTML Support is now available as of DBIWrapper 0.20.  Using readHTML() you can have the result of your SELECT statement returned as an HTML snippet which is fully customizable via CSS.  See the man page for more details.

Sybase Support is now available as of DBIWrapper 0.22!

Helper methods getDataArray(), getDataHash(), getDataArrayHeader(), getDataHashHeader() do the work of read() and then build up an array with the returned result set.  See the man page for more info.


As of Version 0.12 the DBIWrapper is now officially licensed under the Perl Artistic License.  The module itself has always been licensed this way but the overall project was licensed under the GPL on Source Forge.